PHP Custom Web Development

Verdikt provides both fully customised PHP development solutions as well as integrated MVC solutions such as Laravel.

Proficient with all aspects of the PHP language, our developers create web platforms ranging from simple limited pages websites to full on integrated administrative solutions.

Whether it be a front facing PHP website or an internal management system we have the technology and skill set to provide you a solution for all your business needs.


PHP allows faster implementation which in turn provides you with a more cost-effective solution that allows you to enter the market faster giving you a competitive advantage.


PHP runs on any platform from not only Linux, but also Windows, Unix, and IBM’s Systems meaning that software integration will run seamlessly on any platform you choose.


The flexibility of PHP through the Laravel framework means that systems can be modified and updated at any time either during the initial build or even after the project has finished. PHP offers a multitude of pre build modules which can easily be integrated into your platform ranging from accounting software, management software as well as social media.


As our PHP development is entirely in house there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Our team has seen it all so no matter what ideas you throw at us we will confidently take up the challenge and not only give you professional advise and direction but also develop your system in a timely and cost effective manner. Forget outsourcing to sub standard companies. Contact Verdikt today on 02 9146 6481 and get started!