Verdikt is a digital strategy and production agency. We help companies transform their digital potential into results by combining agility, creativity, quality of execution and technological expertise. Our clients are companies who invest in order to reach tangible goals.


We help our clients to structure their creativity, immersing ourselves in their business reality. We then combine timeliness and production capacity to deliver effective digital projects and measurable results.

Our own success story can be attributed to many things, but we like to think it’s because of our friendly attitude and our amazing peoples.

WHY VERDIKT? 10 years on, the 8 reasons why clients chose us remain unchanged.

} A results-oriented culture
Everything that is undertaken at Verdikt has but one objective: helping clients achieve their goals.
} Expertise and creativity
The expertise and creativity of all our team members allow us to propose and deploy winning solutions that benefit our clients.
} Stability
We are a stable, experienced and qualified team. We also have a loyal client base that plays an essential role in our development and progression.
} Rigorous management
Our project management methods and tools have proven their effectiveness over the past 7 years. Information systems are in place to ensure rigorous monitoring, which allows customers to have a real-time view of the status and advancement of projects.
} Communication and transparency
Our experienced managers rely on strong relationships, supported by transparency and open communication. We’re not trying to be crowd pleasers, we’d rather work on delivering the results you are counting on.
} Integrated services
Today, multiplatform communication is the new standard, with both your customers and your stakeholders. Verdikt has a strong team capable of bringing together strategy, design, customer experience, online marketing and optimisation.
} Capacity
With more than 10 employees and 2 agile teams, you will find that Verdikt assembles experts in every element of online business.
} Technology mix
Verdikt is not defined by its technologies, but by the use it makes of them. We develop solutions – tools – that allow you to achieve your goals.


Immersion, Understanding, Planning, Execution with the help of the Agile methodology. Agility (Agile methodology) helps emphasize the client’s goals and achieve them by exploiting the broad range of a team’s expertise. Here are some benefits to be gained from the approach:

} Scalable planning
The client and the product owner determine the long-term outline and orientations. Immediately, the team begins developing solutions, quickly delivering components. The project progresses right off the bat and incrementally, without losing sight of the big picture.
} Consistent and punctual delivery
Agility is more a way of doing things than a simple procedure. We take action quickly by delivering functional elements. We test, we adjust and we progress.
} Priority: objectives and results
We seek creative solutions to meet the project’s needs. Objectives and tangible results are at the heart of the process and remain the ultimate measures of progress.
} Flexibility and scalability
Every idea evolves as a project advances; clients can adjust priorities and specific details along the way. The team will adapt the plan, taking into account the objectives, in order to deliver the optimal final product.
} Collaborative work
Every project benefits from the strengths, creativity and skills of each team member, a team which always includes the client. The team owns the project. The result? Complete commitment and a high quality product.
} Respecting the budget and schedule
Nothing is static. We can adjust the scope of the project along the way without necessarily changing the schedule and budget.

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